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Digi Videos & DVDs

Please select from the range of DigiSport Rugby Videos and DVD's for further information.


Barry Honan
A former Wallaby, Barry Honan has a passion for rugby coaching and for developing skilful players.

Jake Howard
Jake Howard is a former Wallaby who has the distinction of having been assistant to 3 former Australian coaches - Bob Templeton, Bob Dwyer and Rod MacQueen.

Naas Botha
One of the most feared match-winners in the game, South African Naas Botha was best known for his deadly boot – whether punting, place-kicking or drop-kicking the ball.

Charles Louw
Under 21 coach with the Natal Sharks.

Backline Fundamentals P1
Backline Fundamentals P2
Backline Fundamentals P3
Kicking Fundamentals
Handling Skills, The Basic Lateral Pass
Continuity - Attacking the Defensive Wall
Phase Play Attack
Rugby Set Plays

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