DigiRugby Version 1.2


This multimedia rugby knowledge database is a unique coaching resource that has won acclaim all over the rugby playing world.

Featuring training footage from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Scotland, DigiRugby Version 1.2 provides a compilation of the world’s best drills for developing Rugby skills.

DigiRugby V1.2 features over 350 drills and exercises, all accompanied by colourful and accurate diagrams, clear drill descriptions and additional coaching points.

As well, movie clips for over half of these drills allow coaches not only to see them being performed, but in many cases to analyse aspects of the drills in detail.

DigiRugby V1.2 also allows the user to browse the database, select relevant drills and print out coaching cards for that selection.

DigiRugby V1.2 is a unique coaching resource and one that is guaranteed to be a valuable asset to all those who use it.

Users can save and archive selections, training sessions and/or "lessons" which can be used again at a later date. The searchable database allows users to quickly find the drills they want from the hundreds available.

Compiled by former Wallaby and the author of DigiRugby V1.0, Barry Honan has drawn on decades of playing, coaching and teaching experience and the expert input of other distinguished coaches to produce this comprehensive and modern coaching tool.

With a few simple mouse clicks, coaches can instantly access drills, suggestions and ideas that will not only provide a ready made solution to the problem of constructing useful and interesting training sessions, but will also stimulate them to devise new ones of their own.

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Price: $199.00 (AUD)