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Rugby Skills Training (The Honan Drills) is based on a set of 12 essential drills designed to improve the skill level of every player, from 1 to 15.

First released in 1992 and now used by thousands of coaches worldwide, "The Honan Drills" (as they've become known) in Rugby Skills Training remain as relevant and useful today as when they were first released.

Barry Honan's coaching philosophy has always been to concentrate on the skills of the game and to make players aware of what can be achieved once a thorough knowledge of the game is acquired and its skills mastered.

Every coach will get something from the material contained in this skills coaching package.

The heart of  the coaching package is the set of 12 drills which form "the drill sequence".

Each drill of the sequence is designed to be performed by every player in a team irrespective of position.

Through constant practice, the team's performance as a whole will improve markedly.

The drills develop mental skills as well as physical ones. Sequencing the drills and performing them correctly and at pace requires great concentration over an extended period of time.

This is precisely the coaching environment in which the higher level skills such as urgency, awareness, teamwork, option-taking and the like are developed.

Rugby Skills Training originally came as a kit consisting of a coaching manual, a video and laminated on-field cards.  The program has now been remastered into a computer based multimedia program with the same feel and ease of use as Digirugby.

  •  Each drill is clearly explained in words and diagrams
  •  A standards chart enables coaches to rate their team's skills performances
  •  A list of the specific skills involved in the drills is clearly explained, as are the points for coaches to emphasise when working on each drill
  •  There are also numerous, fully-explained additional drills and exercises to further develop the skills on which each drill is focused.

Barry Honan

The author of Rugby Skills Training, former Wallaby Barry Honan, has a passion for rugby coaching and for developing skilful players.

Barry has a deeply felt belief that above all Rugby should be a game of skill and that a coach has an obligation to develop these skills in his players to the highest possible degree.

Barry has had a distinguished career both as a player and a coach.

In recent years, Barry has conducted coaching sessions in numerous rugby centres throughout Australia as well as in Japan, Singapore, The United States, Hong Kong, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Argentina, and South Africa.

Over the years his advice has been sought by numerous International and provincial coaches - John Connolly, Grant Batty (Queensland), Bob Templeton, Rod MacQueen, Jake Howard (Australia), Jim Telfer (Scotland), Harry Viljoen, Jake White, Alan Solomons (South Africa), Tony Gilbert, Wayne Smith (New Zealand) - to name just a few.

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