John Harmer

A coach, teacher and biomechanist, John Harmer is the senior coach of the Australian Cricket Academy and a former Australian and England Women's Coach.

John Harmer led the Australian women's cricket team to three World Cup finals in his eight years in charge of the squad from 1992-2000, winning the 1997 World Cup in India. He was a finalist for the Australian Coach of the Year Awards, 1998.

He has an extensive background in education as a physical education teacher for 11 years and university lecturer for 25 years. Harmer has also established an international reputation as a specialist in biomechanics and innovative coaching.

His qualifications include: Level III Australia Cricket Coaching Certificate, Diploma of Physical Education, Bachelor of Education, Secondary Teacher's Certificate, Higher Diploma of Teaching.

He has published considerable research on biomechanics and coaching, including: Biomechanics in Physical Education (1971), Cricket Biomechanics (1989) and Bowling Techniques of Error Detection and Correction (1993).

John Harmer’s previous appointments include: Sports Science and Medicine Advisory Group for Australian Cricket Board, National Pace Bowling Program, Sub Committee Australian Cricket Board, Coach for Pace Australia, Consulting Biomechanist for Australian Cricket Board, New Zealand Cricket Board, Victorian Institute of Sport.

John Harmer has also worked as a biomechanics consultant in a range of different sports and organisations, including the Australian Rugby Union and Australian Rules Football clubs Carlton and Hawthorn.