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The DigiCricket - Bowling module showcases the biomechanical knowledge and attention to detail of the DigiCricket co-authors - Jim Hunter, John Harmer and John Buchanan.

DigiCricket - Bowling contains more than 170,000 words, 300 Movies, 60 Slide show images and 260 still images.

The Error Detection & Correction section (similar to that used in DigiCricket – Batting), provides the user with a huge library of slides and movie clips that help identify key errors and potentially dangerous faults in the bowling actions of players at all levels.

From the novice to the advanced, DigiCricket - Bowling contains a wealth of information for coaches, physical education teachers and players – plus those dads and mums keen to help develop their children’s cricketing skills.

Cricket today is played at a professional level only dreamed about a few years ago. DigiCricket-Bowling, along with the full DigiSport suite of cricket resources, provides the means for everyone involved to approach their coaching tasks in the same professional manner.

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Price: AUD$90.00 (+GST for sales within Australia)



Complete Series

Screen Shots

Click the screens below to enlarge

  Error Detection/Correction Menu

  Presentation Screen

  Variations Menu



(Note: All sample movies have been reduced in size for faster download. Actual movies are larger and have higher definition)

Sample Movie



Click on Drills below for samples of a few printouts from Digicricket Bowling

  Sample Drill #1

  Sample Drill #2

  Sample Drill #3


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