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DigiBeach is the first multimedia guide to learning the fast growing sport of Beach Volleyball.

Teach yourself or others the finer points of the sport with easy to follow diagrams, drills and movies.

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Performance Enhancing Product!

Contains Gold Medal Winning Secrets!

Beach is an energetic and vibrant sport that has captured the imaginations of sports men and women alike, but until now there's been no learning aid for the sport that's as advanced as DigiBeach.

It's ideal for players who are new to the game and who want to learn from the best, or for those who want to sharpen their existing skills.

Coaches who want to pick up a few extra tips will also benefit from DigiBeach.

"Beach" courts are appearing at beaches, resorts and schools all over the world and the sport’s popularity has exploded with its Olympic Games exposure.

Australia's Olympic gold medallist Natalie Cook has combined with experienced beach volleyball coach Grant Robertson to provide not only the in-depth knowledge of the skills required for the sport but a host of training routines and exercises to produce Beach champions of the future.

DigiBeach features 100 drills and exercises, supplemented by 80 match footage movie clips.

The exercises are illustrated in both movie clip and diagram form.

The program allows the user to select and save training sets and then print them out, together with any other information on the disk that they need.

Also in DigiBeach:

- a “Beach Talk Dictionary” guide to beach lingo

- a complete set of the latest FIVB Beach Volleyball rules

- a guide to correct "stretching" by Annette Huygens-Tholen (below)



Olympic Gold Medallist Natalie Cook OAM reached the pinnacle of her sport on the sands of Sydney’s Bondi Beach in the 2000 Olympics when she and partner Kerri Pottharst defeated their Brazilian rivals in the final.

Natalie remains a committed and ambitious beach volleyball professional, but also has a mission to promote and raise the standard of the sport.

Her promotional venture Sandstorm provides help with court & venue construction, junior development & coaching programs, apparel, equipment, multi-media and tournaments.

Natalie is also promoting the development of “Cook Island” - a new social and sporting concept that will combine all aspects of the Beach Volleyball culture.

Digi Beach has been authored by Natalie Cook and Grant Robertson (below)


(Note: The Introductory Movie has been reduced in size for quicker download. Program movie clips are larger and higher in resolution)

Intro Movie

Screen Shots

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  Drill Menu

  Stretch Screen #8

FIVB Rules

Beach "Talk"

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