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Pass Catch Kick Tackle

“Pass Catch Kick Tackle” is a unique coaching aid that uses a fun approach to teach basic football-related skills to young children.

The exercises in this multimedia CD-ROM are all based on having fun with games, not on complex and potentially boring “drills”.

The resource is ideal for the rugby league or rugby union coach of primary school age players and would be particularly helpful for school teachers of children who have little or no grounding in the rugby football codes.

Games which teach lessons in Pass-Catch, Kick-Catch and Contact-Tackle skills are outlined in both diagrammatic and video format.

The video of each exercise shows an actual learning situation and includes the sound track of a coach or teacher giving instructions to the children.

All rugby league and rugby union-based skills involved in the exercises are broken down and displayed on video with accompanying explanatory notes. There are notes for each exercise, equipment needs and exercise variations (from easy to harder).

Each lesson is broken down into warm-up exercises, skill acquisition and skill application. A coach or teacher’s own written comments can be added to the database of lessons if required and each lesson can be easily printed out.

Each CD-ROM contains:
  • 165 skill activities and games
    Over 100, 000 words of explanation in the form of Drill Descriptions, Coaching Notes, Requirements etc
  • Predetermined Lesson Sets
  • Select / Save / Print out your own activity sets
  • A summary of the basic skills of passing, catching, kicking, tackling and safety in contact
  • Video Clips for all activities

“Pass Catch Kick Tackle” was produced with the assistance of The Australian Rugby League Foundation, which is proud to produce educational tools that not only support the grassroots of rugby league but also provide physical education aids to school education systems.

“This excellent resource, Digisport’s latest, provides teachers and coaches of League and Union juniors with a wealth of ideas and clearly illustrated exercises: an absolutely essential resource!”

Wayne Bennett - Brisbane Broncos, Queensland State of Origin and Australian Rugby League Coach



  Sample Movie

(Note: sample movies have been reduced in size for quicker download. Actual product contains larger, higher resolution movies)


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  Sample Drill 2

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