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Natalie Cook

Olympic Gold Medalist


Natalie Cook, O.A.M., has stamped her name in the Beach Volleyball history books and in those of sport in Australia.

Captaining the Australian Indoor Junior Volleyball team before making her debut on the beach in 1993, Natalie was immediately ranked no. 1 in Australia. She entered her first World Tour event that same year, going on to play more World Tour events than any other female player in the history of the sport. And with many playing years ahead of her, it doesn’t appear that her record will be broken for some time.

Natalie and then partner Kerri Pottharst have won Australia’s only Olympic medals in Beach Volleyball, with Bronze in Atlanta, 1996 and Gold in Sydney, 2000. Add to this a Silver Medal at the 1996 World Championships in Brazil and it's obvious why the Federation of International Volleyball recognised the extraordinary success of Natalie and Kerri at Olympic level by awarding them the accolade of Team of the Decade 1990-2000.



Natalie and Kerri were each awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in January 2001.

Partnering Nicole Sanderson in Athens, Natalie has now participated in three Olympic Games.

Natalie Cook’s name dominates the winner’s lists on the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour, finishing top of the rankings in six years of her nine-year history and second in the other three.

Highly sought after as a public speaker, Natalie captivates the hearts and minds of her audience with her power, skill and determination. Her passion for Beach Volleyball goes far beyond her own sporting success. Through the development of her company, Sandstorm, Natalie is working to build a legacy to the sport, one that will ensure a strong future for the sport in Australia.

In Digibeach, Natalie shares her expertise, techniques and exercise programs that have made her a legend in the sport.


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