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Grant Robertson

Grant Robertson has seen volleyball from all sides of the game - player, coach, administrator and competition director. Coming from a volleyball family, with parents who coached innumerable junior and senior Queensland and Australian teams over 30 years, it is no surprise that he has devoted his life to the sport of volleyball.

Grant began the game playing the indoor game, with a representative career spanning from 1983 to 1992, playing for Queensland and Australia in all age-divisions, the pinnacle being a member of the A.I.S National Senior Men’s team. Throughout his indoor career, Grant took up playing beach volleyball as a means of improving his indoor game. After not achieving his goal of Olympic representation with the indoor game, Grant turned his attention full-time to Beach Volleyball, successful competing on the Queensland tour, with numerous tournament wins and Number 1 rankings, and Australian National tour.




Grant’s passion for the sport extended beyond simply playing the game. Soon after retiring from the indoor game Grant began working in the corporate sports market, spending 7 years working at and eventually running Australia’s largest commercial beach volleyball venue, combining this with 4 years spent as the Tour Director for the Queensland Tour. Even while working and continuing to play, Grant's true passion was coaching, which he has maintained since first becoming involved with the game.

In 2003, after 17 years involvement, both on and off the court with Beach Volleyball in Queensland, he was inducted as an inaugural member of the Queensland Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame.

Grant’s enthusiasm and passion for the sport of beach volleyball has led him into many different roles, which he continues to do now with Sandstorm. Working with long-time friend Natalie Cook, they are working to foster the growth of the sport in Australia in all areas of the game from coaching to venue construction.



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